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Patient Information forms are required when you register as a new patient.  This is can be done at the time of your first appointment or you may do so by downloading and completing these forms at home.   We recommend that you maximize the time with doctor by downloading and completing these forms prior to your arrival at our office.

Click the "Download Patient Forms" box below (a connection to the Internet is required) to view and print your "Patient Information Forms".  You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe  Reader v5.1 or later,  to view the document. (The current version is v7.0.8.)  If you do not have such a reader, IT IS AVAILABLE FREE  by clicking on the "Download Adobe Reader" box below and then following the instructions.  Having done that, return to this screen and click the  "Download Patient Forms" box below. You may then commence printing the forms by clicking the "Print" icon on your browser's toolbar or using the "PRINT" command in the "File" drop down dialogue box. There is no charge for these forms.

Once the forms have been printed by your computer's default printer, the office staff asks that you fill out the "Patient Information Forms" prior to coming to our office for your first appointment.  Please arrange to arrive approximately 20 minutes earlier than your scheduled time for this appointment.  We will then have the opportunity to efficiently complete your registration without diminishing your time with the doctor.

To return to this page from anywhere in "Patient Information Forms" just click the "BACK ARROW" on your browser's tool bar.


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